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28 Nov 2016

You can experience to the full satisfaction the accessibility, functionality, beauty, peace and serenity of an environmentally-enhanced urban community in this part of Pensacola, as each apartment is equipped with amenities that make your life wholesome and a lot easier which includes experiencing bathroom comfort at Jasmine Creek.

The newly renovated interiors of experiencing bathroom comfort at Jasmine Creek enhance the experience of serenity and creativity. The interior design of every apartment speaks of harmony, functionality, wealth and warmth, enhancing a sense of satisfaction, safety and security for the residents.

The master’s bedroom and the other bedrooms are carpeted with a grainy light brown carpet that matches with the splendid beige and white wall colors in experiencing bathroom comfort at Jasmine Creek. Bathroom floors are tiled and are slide-resistant, and are large enough with closets and a dressing area. 

In the 2-bed 2-bath 905 sq ft experiencing bathroom comfort at Jasmine Creek, the main entrance is at the washer and dryer area beside the 70 sq ft kitchen. The spacious dining room comes next, then the living room with a fireplace at the end of the rooms. On the left side are the two same size 121 sq ft bedrooms each with a toilet and bath and closets. The bathroom of the master’s bedroom is large enough and almost one half the size of the bedroom, when combined with the closets and dressing area. 

All the 3-bed, 2-bed and 1 bed apartment designs in experiencing bathroom comfort at Jasmine Creek have a toilet, a bath tub and a temperature-controlled shower for maximum relaxation and body refreshing. Mirrors and bathroom cabinets adorn the interior of the bathroom areas. 

In the one bed one bath 675 sq ft apartment design, the living room is about 204 sq ft, while the master bedroom is 132.5 sq ft which is large enough. A 54 sq ft screened patio allows you to enjoy the view of the outside landscapes better. The dining area and kitchen combined have a total of 128 sq ft area; you have a 36 sq ft large closet beside the bedroom and bath. Let your children be the first to enjoy experiencing bathroom comfort at Jasmine Creek.

Experiencing bathroom comfort at Jasmine Creek inspires creative living and home working with its picturesque but gracefully designed modern apartment combining with the classic Pensacola way of life, yet revealing itself as a contemporary urban apartment where life becomes more appreciated, as you conveniently shift to a stress-free state of body and mind in any part of the apartment

The excellent fixtures inside each apartment, matched with the carefully planned interior space expresses a delightful atmosphere of elegance and fine living in every location, as well as inside each apartment unit.

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